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Sharlaine Anapu

"Experimentation remains a huge part of the creative process for me, leading to discovery and innovations in design. I appreciate the beauty in imperfections, unfinished edges, patinas and the combination of alternative materials." 

My work is inspired by a profound respect for nature and an appreciation of organic forms and simplicity. Having grown up close to the ocean has influenced my aesthetic and manifests itself in a very raw and organic manner. As a studio jeweler, I work in small product batches with limited editions, and 1 of a kind pieces.  You can expect that what you are buying is unique. My designs and ideas are my own, influenced by spontaneity, environment and texture.Textures and patinas are strong in my work, as is evident in my etched and hollow forms.  My work is constantly evolving. Born and raised in New Zealand, I remain strongly influenced by its diverse cultures and Pacific influences.



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