Artwork Information Requirements: Paintings

As you upload new work to the Artful Home website, it’s very important to include detailed information about each piece to make your work as easy to understand and appealing to our customers as possible.

Below are the various description fields you’ll see as you submit each work of art to Artful Home, as well as the information required specific to the discipline of Paintings.

Full Description:
The Full Description should be as complete as possible with regard to materials, techniques used to create the piece, and care instructions. Please include the following information in your Full Description, as applicable:

Medium, substrate, and mounting: Provide medium (or media) used in painting
Provide substrate image is painted on
Provide material painting is framed/mounted on, if applicable
Is the piece wired or ready for framing/hanging?
Include any special techniques used in creating the piece

  • Original watercolor painting on 300 lb Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper
  • Original acrylic and charcoal painting on canvas. Museum wrapped over wood frame and wired for hanging.
  • Collage on canvas made using oil sticks, silkscreened cloth, and handmade papers. Image continues around all the sides of the piece. Fibers and added materials are applied with neutral PH adhesive.
  • Mixed media and acrylic on stretched canvas with many layers of paint and various gels, sand, plaster, and drywall paste.
Matting, framing, and image size: (Note: Artful Home does not accept framed works, unless the framing is part of the integrity of the piece.)
Is the piece matted? If so, please note, along with mounting details and mat type
Is the piece framed? If so, please note, along with frame details and type
If painting is framed and/or matted, please give the dimensions of the image here as H" x W", reserving dimensions for the entire piece to the Dimensions field (see below)
If diptych or triptych: List dimensions of individual panels here as H" x W" 
  • Matted with white archival museum board and framed in a maple wood frame. Painting is 18.5"H x 37"W. Dimensions below refer to framed size.
  • Original acrylic painting on cradle board. Each panel measures 16"H x 16"W.
Signed: Is the piece signed? If so, where?

  • Signed on front, bottom left corner
Care instructions: Please provide basic instructions for care and cleaning

  • Clean with a damp cloth

Enter dimensions for the entire piece here, including mat and frame, if applicable. (If your painting is sold matted and/or framed, please give dimensions for image only in the Full Description field – see above.) Please enter the following dimensions for each piece in the individual dimension fields. Enter 0 for unused fields.
Please enter measurements in inches, using decimals as needed
Measurement of the piece from top to bottom
Measurement of the piece from left to right
For pieces not printed on paper: Measurement of the painting from front to back
Enter 0
Enter 0

Anything entered into the Notes field will NOT appear on the website, so this is a good place to provide the Artful Home staff with any additional information we need to accurately represent, organize, and sell your work.

Types of information to provide in the Notes field include:
  1. Inspiration or story behind the piece (optional)
    Example: I was inspired to make this piece during a visit to Japan, where I was particularly taken with the architecture of 16th-century pagodas. I took photos of several of these pagodas, and this painting comes from one of those photos.
  2. Further details or notes about the piece that you think would be useful for our staff (optional)
    Example: I have an abstract version of this painting that I did several years ago. I'd be willing to sell it through Artful Home if you think your customers would be interested.


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