Ani Thompkins

Oakland artist Ani Thompkins uses large silhouette-sized canvases and abstracted, disembodied figures to represent the pull of the crush, sexuality, and need or aversion. An outward presentation of a very personal experience, each piece allows the viewer to find his or her own experience inside the frame.

Sensuality in these paintings is heightened by staining un-primed canvas, linen, or muslin with inks and high-viscosity acrylic paint, soaking the fabric. This process creates depth, through thin layers of color, and luminosity, as light filters through the fabric without the obstruction of primer.

Because the pieces are moody, taking advantage of a specific deliberation or emotional state becomes fundamental to creating a finished piece with impact. The paintings are refined over the course of several months.

All work copyright 1998-2015, Ani Thompkins. All Rights Reserved.



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