Jean-Pierre Brandt

Early in life, Jean-Pierre made friends with many artists in the “Jura” region of Northern Switzerland, an area of unique historical background. While in high school, he entered his first regional art competition, for which he won first prize, handing him the opportunity to give life to his creation. That early recognition had a profound effect on the young student – now he could choose to become an artist, a dream that would be in conflict with his father who did not share that vision!

A few years later, after Jean-Pierre was accepted to study Fine Art at the “Ecole des Beaux Arts”, the idea to drop out of college and move to Geneva was a challenging but very easy choice for him! The following year, he enrolled in the famous “Ecole des Arts Decoratifs” to study the Art of metal and jewelry design, graduating in 1964.

For the next 15 years, Jean-Pierre took on a very diverse and rich journey, diving deep into many aspects of the trade, from small designers to being in charge of a creation center for a large Swiss firm. During this time, he made his first travels to the United States where a job offer with Harry Winston in New York became instrumental to his “move to the US”. It didn’t take long for J-P to make California his home of choice.

Being recognized for his sense of design, his knowledge of gems and precious metal, and wanting to be able to more fully pursue his dreams expressed in paintings and sculptures, he opened his own gallery in 1978. His studio / atelier became one of the most celebrated galleries in Carmel, California. Jean-Pierre’s work has been exhibited in various places in the US, in Switzerland, and in Japan.

Having traveled extensively in South America with his wife Christina, they now live in a peaceful valley in Northern California, the setting for his studio where he produces his work.






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