Kimerley D Adamo

Kimerley D Adamo

Painting individual exhibit  at Lireille – Gallery of Contemporary Jewelery and Art

3980 Piedmont Ave.  Oakland, CA 94611 (across from Wells Fargo Bank)

First Friday  March 6th, 2009 5:30-8:30pm

Exhibit date: February 16th –  March 27th, 2009

Artist’s statement

My recent work explores natural systems; delves into the interior of organic in 
itself, illuminating enmeshed micro and macro worlds. They are also abstracted 
pieces of a much larger puzzle that is slowly revealing itself- why do we see the 
replication of similar patterns across so many different organic forms? Taken as 
a body of work, they explore the repetition of form and shape in nature- 
repetition that suggests that the idea of small or large is but a human.


It is only now that I see my art as a logical trajectory- youngest child of a spiritual
neuro-chemist, and an immigrant doctor. In the upheaval of divorce, I was 
continually uprooted, an outsider perpetually adjusting to new schools, new 
systems of social and scholastic expectations. I learned to watch for the 
unspoken, became attuned to space between emotions and thoughts, words 
and acts. An isolated little kid who spent much of her time in imagination, I 
concocted my own explanations of my outside environment. I was unable to 
clearly articulate my strange ideas.

I went on to study classical philosophy and the history of mathematics at St. 
John’s College. There, imagination was taken up with the questions of why 
consciousness exists, the puzzle of what exactly is knowledge. What is the role of 
not knowing in the process of coming to know? These questions fascinated me. I
wanted to explore them in tangible form.

I left St. Johns to attend art school at Mason Gross School of the Arts, at 
Rutgers University- graduating cum laude with my BA in art and philosophy, later
earning my teaching credentials in art and technology at SFSU. I started working
as an art teacher, exploring hands-on the question of ‘how is it that the brain 
learns’, ‘what is the difference between reason, imagination, conceptualization 
and perception?’.

As an educator for 10 years, I find myself crashing into the questions ‘how do my
students construct knowledge?’, ‘how does the visual capture and create new 
ideas?’. Presently, I am completing my Masters in Secondary Education, 
exploring the relationship between art-making and knowledge construction.

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