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  • "This is my go-to shop for all of my jewelry. My fiancé first met Yan when he was having a custom engagement ring made for me. He had designed it himself as a take on an antique costume ring that I had since I was a child. Very few jewelers in the area wanted to take on this job. I also wanted to stones to be absolutely conflict free. Yan went above and beyond for us. She did and redid the mold for the ring until it was perfect. To satisfy my anxiety about mining practices she suggested using a lab grown ruby (the ruby is the main stone),  and ordered several for us so we could compare quality and color (she also showed us traditional conflict free rubies). Not only was Yan patient and understanding about our many special requests, the pieces that come out of her store are truly stunning. I also love that she works with local artists and ethical sources. What's not to love! "  - Jenna C
  • “My partner and I had been to several jewelry stores in search of a pair of commitment bands and our search ended with Lireille. Yan was so kind, helpful and attentive. We found a pair of rings that we liked and she offered to contact the artist directly to meet with us and customize our rings. So, a week later, we met with the artist (Monica Schmid), explained what we wanted and Monica agreed to make our commitment bands. Yan coordinated a second meeting with Monica to do a fitting and we picked up our commitment bands a couple weeks later. Now we have an absolutely beautiful pair of commitment bands custom made for us. All of the jewelry in the gallery is absolutely beautiful and my partner has since purchased another piece that she loves. Every time we stop by it is hard not to leave with something new. Yan remembers us by name and is always so authentically kind.”     - Sarah B.
  • "I absolutely love this jewelry store. A lot of their art and jewelry is locally made, and most of the work is handmade. My mom bought a beautiful pair of druzy earrings here, and bought me a beautiful ring.I recently also approached one of the owners (Yan) with a difficult task: to melt down my grandmother's wedding band and engagement rings and recast them into my wedding band.She worked with a local artist- and they did it!! My ring turned out absolutely gorgeous, I am so happy to wear this ring and know that I am wearing the original metal and diamonds from my grandmother. The work is not only beautiful, but it was also done very fast. Yan is super nice, such a beautiful spirit, and was very responsive during the process. 

    Love love love Lireille."  - Julie H.
  • "So, sorry for the cliché but Yan literally made my dreams a reality. I worked with her to design a custom engagement ring, pieces of which I had bouncing around in my lovestruck mind. She made finding the perfect, gorgeous diamond easy and dealt with my frequent inquisitions about the process. I absolutely recommend Yan and Lireille if you want a seamless and enjoyable engagement ring experience."   - Zach V. 


  • “They were absolutely awesome to work with. I visited four times to get the perfect ring. They helped me go through the special-order catalogs for the ring and the setting  (my wife was specific in what she wanted) and assembled the final product beautifully, in time for our anniversary. My wife loves it! We will definitely be coming here again!”     - Pierre G.


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