"Wirely" Solo Wire Sculpture Exhibition by Diane Komater




Solo Wire Sculpture Exhibition

by Diane Komater

Exhibition Date: October 1 - 30, 2013

Artist Reception: 6-8pm Friday Oct. 11, 2013


Artist Statement

As a child, being brought up Catholic, I remember the long Latin masses my family attended every Sunday. The stained glass windows of the churches were what intrigued me the most about these ceremonies. I loved the way the light lit up the primary colors of the glass and the black line that defined the images. I believe this was the first influence to the work I create today. I started drawing these "holy" images using pencil and ink. I liked their expressions and the flowing lines of their garments.

The scale of these wire people sometimes changes from day to day. One day I'll be working on the large figures, the next, small skeleton-like people, small wire torsos with marble heads or portraits with marble eyes that follow you around the room or change expression in a triptych. I will always find the human form the most interesting and the most satisfying to mimic.


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