Turn Heirloom Jewelry Sitting in Your Jewelry Box into Modern Wearable Wonders

Don't know what to do with all the heirloom jewelry, sitting in your jewelry box? We can help. 

** Kathy recently brought this project to us. The necklace is from her mother. It is not her style, yet she wants to keep the family memories going, so we helped her convert this one heirloom necklace into 7 new pieces (some materials maybe added). Two of her daughters got a set of earrings and bracelet, plus a pair of diamond stud earring for her to wear every day and still have more pieces to gift other family members. 


    From this one heirloom necklace to All of these wearable pieces!



The Earrings and Bracelet Set for the Daughters


Benefits of Redesigning the Heirloom Jewelry

* To keep the family story going.

* To give an updated fresh look

* To be a conversation piece.

* To share the love.


* Be part of the reuse/recycle  movement.


Here are some ideas to convert your heirloom jewelry:

  • Turn a brooch into a pendant
  • Convert a pendant into a modern ring
  • A necklace can be transformed into a bracelet
  • Pearl strands can be shortened as required
  • A gemstone can be surrounded by diamonds with Change the metal color
  • Take the gemstones from the piece and covert into something new, like a earrings.

What you need to do?

Get in touch with Lireille to know what you can do with your heirloom jewelry. Let Lireille transform your heirloom jewelry into modern wearable wonders.You can also set a virtual appointment from the comfort zone of your home via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

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