Wedding Bands

Wedding band is sign of showing love to one’s beloved. It is a symbol of faith. The moment of exchanging rings between bride and groom cannot be forgotten in their life. It symbolizes past, present and future of relationship of couples. By wearing ring, married couples declare their eternal love to each other. Wedding bands are normally worn on the ring finger of left hand. while on the right hand in most European countries.

How to buy a wedding band? Where to start?

Because a wedding band carries such strong symbolic meaning and is meant to wear for daily life, choosing a perfect Modern wedding band can be overwhelming and stressful. When you shop at Lireille, we have a perfect system to help you get started and make the process breezy. We spend time to figure out the  design that will speak to you,  expresses your individuality, and fit your lifestyle.

Steps of choosing a perfect wedding bands at Lireille:

There are over 40 studio jewelry artists we are representing, we highly recommend you browse through the wedding bands designs hand-made and originally designed by our artists online or visit us at our gallery.  If any special order or alternation need  to be made, we will connect you with the artist or have you meet them at the gallery.  If you don't find anything you like, we offer custom design. With our experienced bench jewelers, stone setters, and modern technology, we instigate various methods such as CAD design, 3D printing, lost wax casting, hand-fabrication etc for each project that calls for.

What metals to use for wedding bands?

Wedding bands are usually made of metals like gold, silver, or platinum. Most wedding bands are made of gold or platinum.  We highly recommend it because of its preciousness and higher durability than silver. It is also recommended than more contemporary metals such Titanium and tungsten because they are easier to cut should emergency situation happens. Most alternative metals are recommended for travel wedding band or back up wedding bands.

Our Top Wedding Bands Collections:


Modern / Contemporary Wedding bands Collection:

We specialize in wedding bands hand-made by local and international studio artists.  Our unique and artful wedding band collection are highly curated and each design is carefully chosen for its artistic articulation and fine craftsmanship.  Please look through for your dream ring and your life partner.

Classic Wedding bands:

Classic wedding bands collection is a added collaboration of  Lireille with 3 major American jewelry companies in the trade for their quality work with excellence, sustainability business philosophy and practice, and outstanding customer service. Each of them has over 40 years of  history in the business. With millions of designs available in classic wedding bands designs, we carefully select only a few designs from each categories simple metal bands, curved wedding bands, wedding bands with diamonds and gemstones. Any of the design can be customized for different metals, sizes, with or without stones. Inquires are always welcome. We love to make your dream ring happen.

Vintage-Inspired wedding Bands:

Beautifully designed and crafted vintage or vintage-inspired jewelry. Vintage-inspired jewelry means the piece is new but was created and crafted to reflect the style of past periods. Modern, but only in age. Vintage-inspired jewelry captures the past in the present. It embraces the historic, intricate, and unique elements that embody classic treasures from bygone eras of jewelry design, but in newly made pieces. The beauty remains striking, as does the artistic detail of the piece.

Our vintage style or vintage inspired best wedding bands are carefully selected from elite jewelry companies in the trade with history spans over 40 years or curated from jewelry designers that are passionate about creating classic/vintage style engagement rings.  All wedding rings can be created in various metal, gemstones, and different sizes. You are welcome to bring in your heirloom gemstones and jewelry. We can help recreate new pieces that carried family sentiment. ** All Jewelry listed here are vintage inspired designs unless noted.

Why Choose Lireille for your wedding bands?
  • Curated hand-made engagement rings artfully designed and finely crafted by local and international artists.
  • View many artists' collections at one stop. We represent over 40 local and international artists with their most comprehensive collection exclusively in the area. 
  • Distinctive Classic Wedding Bands and Vintage-inspired Wedding Bands made with high standards and quality. 
  • Accurate sizing and great customer service. 
  • We use only environmentally friendly recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds and fair-trade gemstones. 
  • Custom to your size with your favorite gemstones and metals. Or bring your heirloom diamonds and gemstones in for custom designs.
  • Free sizing and cleaning life time for most of our designs. Check with us in details.  


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