Baroque Tahitian Pearl Heart Collection for Valentine's Day


One of a Kind Fine Baroque Tahitian Pearl Heart collection, 14k yellow gold, Constructed.

Message from the artist,

"Aloha from Volcano Studios. In Hawaiian language Aloha means Love, and today I will be talking about my newest Double Heart Collection made with the finest Baroque style Tahitian pearls right in time for the Valentine’s Day. Love and romance are in the air.

The earrings and the pendant are all featuring beautiful and fun gold embellishments. Because there are no twins in the Baroque family, the gold elements on each are unique to highlight the beauty of each pearl.

Fun fact about Baroque pearls: they are all 100% natural and absolutely unique. In the array of available colors there are any combinations of silver to black or even copper. For my Double Heart Collection I chose the warm transition of silver, light to very dark, overlaid with the beautiful peacock sheen.

The exceptional luster and light, as well as darling shapes and soothing curves. Perfect pearls, perfect gift, a tribute to love and eternal source of life that takes its ancient beginning in the depth of the Pacific Ocean. Celebrate the Valentine’s Day with the gift that speaks love, the wonderful and ever exciting pearl!

Check out my other pearl creations made with the breathtaking A Grade Tahitian Green pearls and South China Sea white pearls. There are incredible deals available now. Ask at Lireille Gallery about custom designs with traditional, Keshi and Baroque Tahitian pearls.

Love your pearl. Pearls require special care to stay the same as the day you got them. Take the pearl jewelry off while bathing or washing your hands. Various harsh elements, like chlorine, vastly used in water treatment process, will erode the pearl and in time will even affect the gold setting.

Pearl is soft.Make sure your pearls are stored separately from the other jewelry. Diamonds may be your best friends, but pearls could be scratched with the edges of the hardest mineral.

Have a question about the pearls in your jewelry box? Make an appointment with Lireille Gallery, I will be available to take a look at your pearls and give recommendations. Keep in mind, that some scratches on the surface of natural pearls can be taken care of.

With warm Aloha to all, wish you all love and happiness!

Ioulia Efimova

Goldsmith at Volcano Studios"

Jewelry by Ioulia Efimova are exclusively shown at Lireille gallery and

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