Family Jewelry : The Ultimate Guide for you from its Significance to Design Process

Family jewelry is generally the jewelry that holds family member’s symbol. It is a beautiful way of creating jewelry around the loving family you have. Families are special and every family is different. Family jewelry celebrates each of the members in your family, moms, dads, grandparents, kids, as well as your family “unit” in a lasting and loving way. 

What are the Most Popular Types of Family Jewelry?

Family jewelry can come in any shape or type.  A good example is mother and child pendant or ring. While the most popular types of family jewelry are rings and pendants, below,  we've listed four of the most common types of family jewelry — rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

  1. Rings 
    What is an family ring? Family rings celebrate members of family and to continuing a legacy of love. Family rings can be for both men and women. One benefit of family rings is their easy customization bu adding or change gemstones or re-sizing.  You can also wear them in a variety of different ways, such as a necklace when looped through a chain. Below, we have two rings example that can be customized for family jewelry. Rings on the left are the original rings and rings on the right are the product customized for family jewelry. 
Original rings designs at Lireille on the left and customized family ring using family member's birthstones on the right.


  1. Necklaces
    Another popular type of family jewelry, necklaces come in an endless array of lengths and designs. From elegant pendant to striking gemstone necklace, a family jewelry is sure to make a memorable impression. Gemstone pendants are classic family jewelry. Pendants often provide a personal touch to the family jewelry, whether through a picture or initials engraved on the back. Below is a gorgeous wrap pendant by Shimara Carlow. The gemstones are originally in diamonds. To make it your family jewelry, we can add numbers of gemstones and change the diamonds to the birthstones of your family member's. The pendant on the right is set with one larger round March birthstone, Aquamarine and two round April birthstone, diamonds.
  1.  Bracelets 
Due to their easy customization and fashionable flair, bracelets are common types of family jewelry.  Metal cuffs studded with gems are strong statement pieces, and charm bracelets are a perfect way to your loved ones can add to for generations. Gold or silver bangles with texture and interesting designs are another gorgeous type of family jewelry, and you can wear them seamlessly with other bracelets for a more modern look.  A charm bracelet is another easily personalized family. Begin with a single charm, one that you feel represents the wearer and his/her personality. The wearer can add a new charm to the bracelet. The pattern can continue until the bracelet is full of unique charms, a beautiful representation of the diversity and memories within your family.
  1. Brooches 
    Although they have gone in and out of style over the decades, it works its way coming back. Our artist loves brooches and pins. These little sculpture pieces gives them for infinite imaginative design possibilities. They can adorn anything from a coat to a sweater and add a touch of metallic flair to an outfit, and tell a great family story by personalizing it with family gemstones and engravings. 

What Makes A Family Jewelry?

For a piece of jewelry to be a family jewelry, it typically needs three elements — durability, family components, and a story.

  • Durability
    Typically, family jewelry is to wear on a daily basis over time. Durability, comfort, and timeless style are too main factors to consider when designing a family jewelry. Precious metals such as gold and silver are great choices while gold is highly recommended due to it higher durability than silver.  These timeless materials help the family maintain a timeless beauty and endure centuries of shifting trends and fads. Additionally, they give the piece a high monetary value, increasing its functional worth.
  • Family Components
    We prize many family jewelry for their individuality.  Family jewelry often feature unique gemstone collections attributed to each family member,  personal stories, or rare designs contributing to the family story.
  • Compelling Story
    In many ways, the story behind a family jewelry is more important than its physical worth or beauty.
    Family pieces symbolize memories, love, and family. The family jewelry holds more than monetary value.  They almost always get created on special occasions and worn on daily basis, which compounds their history and emotional value.  Family jewelry can hold just so many stories. It can also be passed on to future generations. This deep emotional connection is what keeps us passing on family jewelry to our children.

When To Create a Family Jewelry

When it comes time to create a family jewelry, let the occasion match the emotional value of the item.

  • Birth of a Child
    What better way to celebrate your history than a new addition to your family? A birth is a perfect time to create a family jewelry. You can either give the gift to the parents or to the baby, depending on the item. Does it represent parenthood and a new season of life, or would it better symbolize the addition of a new member to the family? If you intend to give the jewelry to the child, the parents can keep the piece until the child is old enough to wear it responsibly.
  • Engagements or Marriages
    The presentation of a family jewelry can mark significant stages in a child's or grandchild's life, such as engagement or marriage. These are especially appropriate occasions to create wedding-related family jewelry.  The jewelry connects the recipient to the item's history of love and family, and it is a symbol of blessing over the couple.
  • Significant Anniversaries
    Emotionally significant anniversaries are another excellent time to pass on an family. Common occasions include marriage, but others could commemorate meaningful events like the anniversary of the return of a loved one from serving a term of military service. Big round-number birthdays are also points of celebration, and they are appropriate occasions to present a piece of family jewelry.

What we can Do with Family Jewelry?

Custom design and personalize existing design are two most common ways for family jewelry. You can custom design family jewelry with us from scratch, or you can customize existing designs to family jewelry by adding family member’s gemstones and exact numbers of charms or gemstones.

  • If you have a design for family jewelry or would like to have us design for you, we can start with an appointment. You can also use metal melt down from old jewelry towards the  custom design, use gemstones sourced by us, or keep your old birthstones to use in the new design. You will get the most flexibility in design with this option.
  • You can make tweaks or adjustments to the original design artists made in out gallery. You can customize a pendants or a ring for any of your family member with any stone or keep pictures or tiny keepsakes close to the wearer’s heart, as a constant reminder of the memory and affection shared between each family member.
  • Birthstones can also be added to existing  jewelry designs, which takes on new life with the help of colorful precious and semi-precious birthstones gems. Get the design that allows for more birthstones.  
  • You can remove any stone like diamonds from an old ring and make something new by adding birthstones. Birthstones are a wonderful way to honor each family members. Each month has a corresponding birthstone. The beauty of a birthstone is that it can be incorporated into jewelry pieces of all types and aesthetics.  These gemstones give a splash of color to their fine jewelry collection and are universally appreciated.  That new ring or pendant will remind you of family love.

What To Look For When Choosing Family Jewelry

  • Exceptional Quality
    When selecting design for a family jewelry, you need a piece that can withstand years of wear. That means you can't cut corners — for a successful and enduring family, invest in quality craftsmanship and durable materials. The most durable gemstones are diamonds, sapphires, rubies and topaz. Pair them with a metal to match — gold, silver and platinum make beautiful settings that will last through centuries of use.
  • Wear ability 
    Typically, family jewelry is to wear on a daily basis over time. Other than durability, comfort to wear is a main factors to consider when designing a family jewelry. Precious metals such as gold and silver are great choices while gold is highly recommended due to it higher durability than silver.  These timeless materials help the family maintain a timeless beauty and endure centuries of shifting trends and fads. Additionally, they give the piece a high monetary value, increasing its functional
  • Timeless Style 
    As you look for the perfect style of jewelry for your family, go for a look that will remain wearable over time. While a fun piece of costume jewelry can be whimsical and trendy, it will probably look dated within a couple of years. Even classic or historic styles fluctuate in and out of fashion over time. For example, while heart shapes remain popular in jewelry, the exact design has changed significantly through the years. Instead, choose a style of jewelry that has stood the test of time. 
  • Personal Elements
    When choosing an family, look for more than a pretty piece. Often, the most treasured items have a personal touch, something that further connects them to the original owner and occasion surrounding the family. One way to personalize your piece is to get involved in the design process — a customized necklace is more personal than a standard design. Feel free to get creative to personalize and make the jewelry special for you and your family. You can modify almost any item to have unique elements. Engraving is another way for family jewelry. 

How To Choose An Family Jewelry? 

  • Family jewelry begins the same as any other beautiful piece — the selection of a lovely item of jewelry you can cherish for years. When it comes to where to buy family jewelry, you don't have to go to a special "family store" to find the perfect piece. Work with an experienced jeweler you trust to select the right item, one that moves you and can enjoy for a long long time to come.
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