Rose Cut Diamond and Rose Cut Gemstone Jewelry

The rising popularity of using antique cut diamonds in modern jewelry is no surprise. The rose cut is one of them. 


You can found the icy sparkle associate with today’s modern diamond. But, luckily it’s not necessary for rose cut diamond. Because of their cutting style lends itself to gems with warmer body color. Because of the cut’s transparency, the clarity of your rose cut diamond is important. The diamond has few facets to distract from internal flaws, small inclusions, and feathers within the crystal will be more visible.  The white rose cut diamond is very popular, the colored diamond followed suit. You can found them in champagne and even opaque and rustic colors as well. The Diamond cutters take lots of time when cutting opaque and rustic colored diamonds. Again, they like to follow the shape of the diamond crystal to preserve carat weight.


Mostly Colored rose cut shapes gems have taken off in popularity as well. You can found the rose cut in Rubies and sapphires as well as tourmaline, moonstone, and a variety of other semiprecious gems.


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