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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Stones and Modern Symbols

A happy and successful marriage is full of traditions. A tradition could be the little moments you share with one another. You're probably already aware that a couple's fiftieth anniversary is known as the "gold anniversary," and that gifts of gold should be exchanged in commemoration. But did you know there’s an entire calendar of wedding anniversary symbols, or that almost every year in a couple's initial years together are considered cause for a special gift.  Specific wedding anniversaries have picked up their own "themes" which reflect the anniversary's stature and importance. Whether you're giving an anniversary gift or planning a celebration for the anniversary of a special couple, we have an assortment of jewelry and art that keep tradition alive.


The Origin of the Symbols

Wedding anniversary symbols, though probably practiced informally even before, truly began in 1897. In that year, Queen Victoria of England celebrated her sixtieth year on the throne. The event was called the "diamond jubilee," and well-wishers celebrated by giving diamonds as gifts, effectively creating the modern diamond market. Modern anniversary symbols are skewed more for contemporary standards of wealth. As such, a completely new table has been established which is just as valid as the traditional one. The following list of symbols is the combined table of different systems most agreed upon by American jewelers and gift experts. 



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