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Jewelry resonates intimately. Artists speak human psyche. We are here matchmaking.


Our jewelry is uniquely characteristic. When fashion is not a "one size fits all" approach, our jewelry especially speaks individuality and appreciation to fine crafts and art. The services we offer are unique to each individual client.  However, we want to offer an idea of what you can expect during our session. We begin with an initial conversation as this is a relationship based on your lifestyle and needs. We will then mix the following options (and perhaps a few more) that will perfectly reflect your blossoming signature style.    


After looking through your existing wardrobe and jewelry collection, we will show you what pieces will work for your new look and what needs to be refreshed or given away. This service provides a necessary foundation and helps me understand which pieces we need to purchase versus what you already have on hand.    


Every woman needs a few core pieces that constitute the foundation of her collection: for example, the go to earrings, an ideal necklaces, and perfect rings. Once you have these staples, you will have a solid base on which to build up and around your collection. Styles change and seasons shift, but these pieces are classics for a reason.  


Many of our clients come to us with a single set that they attempt to utilize year round. While this approach is functional for a few key pieces, your jewelry collection should do a seasonal refresh to maximize your options, keeping your look fresh and vibrant.    


By allowing us to serve as your personal shopper, our focus will be on curating options that perfectly reflect your signature style.  Be it for a special event or daily wear, we will provide a variety of options to choose from.


Through our years of collaboration, we have direct access to many established and emerging artists and designers.  As a client, you will be introduced to these  designers and their gorgeous collections.  


Connecting now with our artists and stylists  for a full range of exceptional consulting. 


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