4 Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts He Will Actually Appreciate This Year

We all know that it’s a challenge finding the perfect gift for dad. With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to find the gift that he will actually like this year. That means no ties, button ups, or any other standard present that he’s been receiving for the past decade. It’s officially time for something new that he will remember forever. 

This is where we come in. There is no longer any need to stress about your next Father’s Day gift. Read on for the top 4 fine jewelry gifts for dads that will award you the number one child. Check these out. 

Best Father’s Day Gifts Of 2021 

Path Ring in Solid 22k Gold and Silver Band 

For a dad who loves a one-of-a-kind twist on classic, high-quality jewelry, consider the Path Ring. Handmade from 22k gold and sterling silver, the Path Ring suits any occasion and compliments anything from leisure wear to formal outfits. Because each ring is hand made by New Mexico-based artist Lori Swartz, no two rings are the same, making them as unique as the dad being celebrated. 

Sterling Silver Oxidized 8.7mm Beveled Cable Chain Bracelet with Nautical-style Clasp 

Celebrate the sailing enthusiast in your life with a Sterling Silver Oxidized 8.7mm Beveled Cable Chain Bracelet with Nautical-style Clasp. Dads who are fascinated by interesting designs will particularly appreciate the bracelet’s highly unique, nautical style clasp that resembles coils of rope and an anchor shackle closure that secures with a threaded screw pin. 

Heavy Steel Chain Necklace with Chunky Gold Link Highlight 

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that you can’t go wrong with a good chain. Of course, not all chains are created equal, and many fail to deviate from basic designs, making them a potentially tired gift for an inspired dad. Designed by Kate Eickelberg, an artist known for her use of carefully sourced materials and industrial designs, this Heavy Steel Chain Necklace is classic yet playful and features all the elements of her most popular jewelry. The

Heavy Steel Chain makes a particularly good gift for dads who love to tinker at a tool bench or work around the house in their free time, as the piece’s foundation is made from a steel chain from a hardware store. A seamlessly integrated gold link elevates the piece and makes it a true standout in a sea of standard silver or gold chains. 

Wide Fog Sand Band in Oxidized Silver with 18k Yellow Gold 

For a dad whose favorite days were spent at the beach or on vacation, the Wide Fog Sand Band will evoke special memories everytime he looks at his hand. This ring was created by Kate Eickelberg using Oxidized Silver and 18k Yellow Gold. The artist calls the creation of this ring a “happy accident,” aligning it with the experimental nature of much of her jewelry. Uniquely, the ring was cast with the texture of Northern California beach sand, giving it both the look and feel of foamy tide rolling in. 

This Fathers Day, celebrate one of the most important people in your life with jewelry that will stand the test of time thanks to high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and timeless yet forward-thinking design. We can say with certainty that these special pieces are unlike other Fathers Day gifts and will remain a favorite year after year.
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