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Lireille is dedicated to promote contemporary jewelry, modern arts and crafts awareness and availability to the general public, and push the creativity boundaries in art jewelry.


About the Gallery

Lireille is a modern gallery that carries contemporary jewelry, fine arts and crafts from emerging and acclaimed local and international artists. Establishes in 2005 with a short and successful experiment at its first location showcasing only founder's own designs along with one designer from Italy and one from South Africa, Lireille moved to its current location in 2007.  The bright and spacious new location enables the gallery to beautifully showcase 40 plus jewelry artists and hold various art exhibits from local artists periodically.  With focus on original designs in contemporary jewelry, fine arts and crafts, the gallery has been supporting many women, minority, and immigrant run small businesses and connecting the public with their creativity, craftsmanship, and passion for creating original arts over a decade. Please sign up with Lireille for updates of new work and artists, and get informed with our up-coming exhibits.

With prior years of experience in jewelry and gemstones before establishment in 2005 along with keen sense of style and design, Lireille is also well-positioned to take custom designs. Our carefully curated, finely crafted, unique and artful collection of engagement rings and wedding bands are hand-made by our artists from their studio or our own jewelers with experience expanding from 25-40 years. If you are one of the people that loves unique and great design that speaks individuality and quality work, please come to view our original and individually hand-crafted artisan wedding bands and engagement ring collection. Every ring here is a piece of wearable art. 


About Staff:

The Founder: With 5 years of prior experience in jewelry before starting Lireille and keen eye on design and style, Yan Liu established Lireille in the year 2005 showcasing her own designs along with one designer from Italy and one from South Africa. She then moved the business to its current location in 2007.  Yan Liu is a jewelry designer with MBA from San Francisco State University in Marketing and Information Technology. With passion in design and art, it is her privilege working with many talented artists, mostly women, minority, or immigrants from around the world running their own studio or small business operations, to serve the public. 

The Director: Monica Schmid is a metalsmith artist. Born and raised in Switzerland, she studied fashion design and garment engineering and graduated from Zürich’s Textile College. After studying Spanish language and culture at the University of Madrid, Spain she settled in the Bay Area. For many years, Monica designed and engineered patterns for the garment industry, including 9 years at Levi Strauss. 

Her interest in jewelry design started in 1986 when her brother sent her an exquisite emerald from Colombia. Displeased with the available commercial designs she gave up on the idea of ever wearing this stone. Years later she took a jewelry making class and as her first project incorporated the emerald. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion. Monica studied at the California State University East Bay in Hayward and graduated with High Distinction with a BFA degree in jewelry and metal arts from California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. She joined the gallery in 2007 and in charge of artist intake and event curation. For artists who are interested in showcasing at Lireille Gallery, please contact Monica Schmid.



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