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Click below and we'll guide you through the application process. We will notify you of your jury results within 2–4 weeks of receiving your application.
  • If you are accepted, we will give you the information you need to get started selling work at or/and Lireille gallery.
  • If you are not accepted, you can reapply to our jury as many times as you like. To improve your chances of being accepted, we recommend submitting substantially new or different artwork, or improving the information from a previous submission. 
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The Benefits:
  • We take care of the headache part of the business customer service and marketing so that artists can focus on your passion. 
  • Same caliber of artistry. Every artist on our website and gallery has been juried to ensure a collection of exceptional quality. 
  • Reach broader audience.  Exposing your work to more buyers means more potential sales. As an Lireille artist, your work will be marketed across America, and internationally on later expansion, to discriminating art lovers.
  • We support our artists with online and off line service and marketing. Our brick and mortar store, email marketing campaigns, and advertising all serve the same purpose: to sell our artists' work. We are constantly seeking out new ways to reach potential buyers and encourage them to buy the work they love.

The Process:
Step 1: Application. When you apply to be part of and Lireille gallery, we ask you to submit your artist statement plus minimum of 10 images and information about your artwork. You can also send us your portfolio link or web sites. 

To complete the application, you will need the following materials:

  • To give us a good representation of your body of work, please submit 10–20 pieces to be considered.
  • A brief description of each piece, with your artist statement or artist bio.
Step 2: Decision Process. Once you apply, your artwork will be reviewed and evaluated by our curating team.
Step 3: Notification of Jury Results. As a curated website, Lireille does not accept every application. We’ll notify you in 2-4 weeks about your results. Artists who are not accepted may always apply again with a different portfolio of artwork.


Selling your artwork: FAQ

What criteria does your jury use?
When curating artwork for inclusion to pr Lireille gallery, the curating team uses the following criteria:
  • Creativity and originality in approach and/or concept.
  • Exceptional aesthetic qualities.
  • Excellent craftsmanship.
  • Consistency of artistic integrity.
  • For all artwork and jewelry, the work must be designed or made by the artist.
Once my work is curated to, may I add any piece of work that I choose?

Once you are accepted by Lireille, you can submit new work to the site at any point. We have set up our artist portal, where accepted artists can enter, delete, or modify their inventory. Lireille artists can upload your own images, set your own retail prices, deactivate works of art, update your artist’s information, and change your prices whenever you want. Our curating team will review all new artwork and reserve the right to edit or reject submissions. We encourage our artists to enter inventory and monitor their account as much as possible. Our artists can also view their sales of the current month, sales history and out of stock items.

What is the commission structure?

Lireille works with artists on their fee structure. Artists set their own prices to ensure that they are compensated for each piece they intend for.  Depending on the production process, artist takes higher percentage on one-of-a-kind and limited-edition than productions or limited edition pieces.

How will my work be featured at

As a Lireille artist, you will have your own Artist Profile page on, showing your artist statement, resume of achievements and awards, and artworks. Your work will be searchable from within our site and may be featured in collections through our online marketing efforts. We will also market your work through our search engine marketing program. Your work may also be chosen to be featured in our email marketing, catalogs, on our website homepage and landing pages, and through print publicity materials.

Does this entitle me to be in the Lireille gallery?

Being accepted to sell through does not automatically mean your work will be featured at the gallery. All Lireille artists are eligible for gallery participation, but the decision of which artwork to feature is left exclusively to our curation and marketing team.

Can I be in the gallery without being on your website?

Yes. The decision is left exclusively to our curation team upon artist request.

How much control will I have over my work?

We have set up our artist portal, where inquiring artists can apply directly and accepted artists can enter, delete, or modify their inventory. Lireille artists can upload your own images, set your own retail prices, deactivate works of art, update your artist’s information, and change your prices whenever you want. Changes will be reviewed by our curating team before going into effect, but we respect our artists’ wishes in how their work is presented. We encourage our artists to enter inventory and monitor their account as much as possible. For any technical or inventory issues, we are available to help. 

Once your artist account setup is complete, artists get instant notification of each sales simultaneously with our online sales or POS at the gallery. And our artists can view current sales, sales history and out of stock items from the artist portal.

Why should I choose over other websites?

Lireille supports its artists with email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid marketing, and a website that attracts loyal visitors monthly. Plus, with more than 15 years of experience, we have become known for our loyal client base, the high caliber of our curated collection, and for our exceptional customer service. As part of Lireille, you will benefit from the reputation and trust we’ve built with our customer base over the years. 

What information do you need about my artwork?

High-quality images from different angles, a complete, accurate description is a must. Images of jewelry on real models highly recommended giving our customers great sense how each jewelry looks on. Our customers not only need to know the materials and sizes of your piece, but they also love hearing about your techniques and inspiration. 

If you dot have high quality images, we ask you to upload any image of the design you have on hand.  It is for our inventory, sales and marketing teams to recognize each design and at the POS. We won't post them until we have high quality images. High quality images help your designs get multiple exposure for in store and online presence. We will also include more in our email and social media promotions as well.

If I set the price, what do I receive from Lireille when a work is sold? Am I reimbursed for shipping and packing costs?

Like a typical gallery arrangement, we will split the sale with you based on agreement. We cover the cost of shipping, but you will have to purchase your own packing materials (e.g. boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc.). Shipping will be reimbursed to artists based on your recommendation and our online site calculation.  If you are shipping a large work that requires crating, we ask that you list that cost in addition to the cost of your item. We will reimburse you for the entire cost of creating. Remember, you have full control in setting the price of your artwork—but if you would like guidance on pricing, we are happy to help.  Contact our Artist Services Team at 510-547-3455 or email

What happens to my pricing when you have sales?

We do not discount art. We only have Customer Appreciation Event once a year, which we choose to have it on the same date of Black Friday of the year. We ask all of our artists to offer special event price at percentage that they choose to offer to our loyal clients at the events. The gallery will, therefore, offer the same percentage to our loyal clients.

When do I get paid for a work that I have shipped to a customer?
You will receive your payment approximately 30 days after the ship date.
What happens when a customer orders my work?

Currentlyall jewelry are shipped from Lireille gallery. We are working on a custom design and special order functions for our online store and will gradually roll out the features after we are confident of the process.  The process is the same as the traditional custom order process, but simpler and mostly automated.  We will send you an email letting you know that an order has been placed. Then, you can view, manage, and commit to your order in the artist portal. Once your piece is created, packaged, and ready to ship, you can print the shipping label from the artist portal. You are responsible for getting your shipments to the carrier on time. Shipping will be reimbursed along with artist payment. 

What happens if a customer returns my work?

We accept returns for any reason within 14 days of delivery. All returns will be sent to Lireille gallery for now until custom order function is ready. Lireille receives payment for a returned item. In case of damaged good during shipping, we insure all our shipments, and we will reimburse artists in the case of a successful claim.


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