Conflict Free Diamonds

We use only conflict-free diamonds, Canadian Diamond, and Harmony Diamonds (environmentally friendly recycled and re-polished Diamonds) 

Conflict Free

We are committed to selling diamonds ethically and with integrity, giving you confidence in the diamonds you purchase. We believe it is completely unacceptable to tolerate conflict diamonds and/or human suffering in any way and we fully support the Kimberley process.  The Kimberley Process ensures that rough diamonds are:

    • Exported and imported with a government validated Kimberley Process certificate stating the diamonds are conflict-free.
    • Transported between signatory countries in a sealed and tamper-proof container.
    • Sold with a statement from the seller (known as a warranty) on all invoices guaranteeing that the diamonds being sold are conflict-free.

Canada’s diamond mines yield a higher ratio of pristine, gem-quality diamonds in comparison to the output of other countries. They are noted for exceptional color, clarity, and luster, as well as low levels of fluorescence.

Every CanadaMark diamond from Lireille is—

  • Responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories
  • Natural and untreated
  • Tracked through audited processes at every stage from country of origin to polished stone
  • Polished to meet specific quality standards
  • Guaranteed to come from conflict-free source.

Our Red Box CanadaMark Diamonds are in full compliance with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. And, regardless of size, every CanadaMark diamond also meets specific standards for color, clarity, finish, and symmetry.

Fine diamonds are among the most coveted of all gems. Their value, however, differs widely from one diamond to another. Experts evaluate every diamond for rarity and beauty, using four primary guidelines. These are called The Four C’s—Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Learn more of the 4C's We carry a large selection of diamonds of different qualities and every shape. You are able to view them before you purchase. We can also source for more options if we don’t have what you are looking for.


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