Ioulia Efimova

Aloha from the heights of diamond-clad Mauna Kea and turquoise glow of the majestic Moana. From the lush green rain forests and relentless lava flows from the heart of the ever young Kilauea. I would like to share the beauty and inspiration of ‘Aina ‘Ai, the only place on Earth that has a such tremendous powers of all the elements. The powers of fire, wind, water and air are molten to perfection in a crucible of the vast volcanic valleys under the great sun which passes over Hawaii’s pristine skies.

About Ioulia Efimova

"I came from the platitudes of frozen land, leaving the capital of Russia about 20 years ago. I escaped snarling blizzards and thunderstorms, leaving behind my childhood nest. Here, in the US, I arrived in California to study business and economics. I worked for the shipping lines for many years, which was not my passion but inspired me to embark on the journey of my lifetime.

Growing up in the highly creative family I developed many artistic skills. My greatest interest was metalwork. I did my very first repair work with simple pliers replacing a lost garnet in my grandmother’s necklace. Years later, I became a student at the Revere Academy in San Francisco in 2009 and completed a certified program. Since then diamonds became my true friends, shining beautifully in the settings created by me.

Very recently I started working off my studio on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the town of Volcano. Along with the Bay Area, I now can call Hawaii my new home. Kilauea, my neighboring volcano recently came to life with the great strength, erupting from fissures miles below the Summit and sending multiple quakes around the collapsing Caldera.

Looking at this phenomenal and the swift reshaping of the land, the devastation of eruption has created the new ‘Aina right offshore, I found new inspiration in the wild and glorious event of a lifetime. Mahalo for joining me in celebrating the elements in chaos that turned into the perfect and steady source of new ideas."

Dragon Star Band

Ioulia Efimova

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