Mason-Kay Jade

Mason-Kay established in 1976 specialize in natural Jadeite Jade and Jade Jewelry. Their inventory of natural, untreated jadeite jade is considered to be the largest in the trade selling both loose jade and fine jade jewelry and has achieved a reputation for the finest quality jade jewelry and jade design. The firm is a member of the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), the JBT (Jeweler's Board of Trade) and the JVC (Jeweler's Vigilance Committee).

In addition to trading in natural jadeite, Mason-Kay has also established the most trusted jadeite lab in the industry. In addition to trade, the firm also provides full testing and value assessment services to the trade and the general public. Mason-Kay has the ability to positively identify polymer impregnated jadeite ("B" jade) using infrared spectroscopy. Currently, Mason-Kay is the only commercial jade jewelry company in the U.S. to use infrared spectroscopy to test for polymer impregnation. Mason-Kay offers warranty certificates assuring the customer that all jade purchased from Mason-Kay is natural; we do not trade in treated merchandise.

As the authenticity and color of Jade is crucial to its value, Mason-Kay is the only trusted source for Lireille for Jade jewelry and testing. We are proud to be one of the few retailers that carries their inventory. Please sign up for their trunk show announcement at our gallery 


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