Judith Hoff Brooks

Judith’s work conveys personal and intimate messages. Precious metals, Pearls, Slate, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones are the voice.

Design is her Artistic Vocabulary. The Process is how she feels most alive. Judith has developed five directions of work: All are Elegant Fine Art Jewelry and Jewelry that Cares for the Spirit.

A Native Californian, Judith Hoff Brooks found an immediate passion in working in metals. Her jewelry designs are hand-fabricated, by marrying metals of 14k and 18k gold with fine or sterling silver. She embellishes the metal surfaces by etching plates and roller printing, as well as using precious and semi-precious stones.

Her background in Art blends well with her Fine Jewelry experience as an apprentice for Marvin Hime & Co. in Beverly Hills and has given her work a great balance.  Judith worked with a high clientele doing special orders for stars like Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra Sr, Ella Fitzgerald, Shelly Winters, Julie Andrews and many more.

Much of her work is custom, where she interprets what other people want to say or how they want to feel when wearing her work. Most designs in the website can be special ordered if you would like it more personalized or if not in stock. Judith includes secret or hidden messages in her pieces, which carry the communications. Sometimes it is the design itself, by movement that says what is needed to be said. These are Works of the Heart.

Judith resides with her family in Lafayette, California where her studio is also located.




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