Shimara Carlow

Shimara’s work has been inspired by natural forms, primarily seed pods. She uses silver, 18kt gold, gum nuts and a dazzling array of precious stones to create her tactile jewellery. Collections include “Acorn cup cluster”, clusters of individual acorn cup units assembled to hang in long articulated chains which adorn the body, and “Honesty”, whitened and reticulated silver ovals, which resemble honesty leaves, constructed in to long articulated neckpieces and bracelets. “Wrap”, inspired by birds nests and natural structures, “Acorn cup”, first designed while studying at The Glasgow School of Art and “Gum Nut”, which is inspired by Australia, and collected and sketched gum nuts from the Adelaide arboretum. While keeping her organic style, Shimara has created a simple yet unique collection of precious rings, including a range of wedding and engagement rings, some incorporating elements of her stacking rings, all combining subtle texture with a variety of stones in rich beautiful colours, particularly grey’s, blues and greens. Shimara’s silversmithing range is also based on pod structures; She creates small and large pod vessels, bowls, vases and tableware. Using fine silver and 24kt gold to create these pieces, which are all hand raised, form flat sheets of metal. Hammers and mallets are then used to add surface texture and decoration to the pieces. The vessels are constructed to be free standing and off center, giving them a fluid natural quality. All pieces are hand made and unique.




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