The Importance of Pearl Knotting and How to Store Pearl Strand Necklace


Pearls are beautiful and has nurturing characteristic. Knotting technique can prevent from losing all your pearls to fly everywhere in case your pearl string breaks. It also gives nice flexibility when handling in hands and wearing.



It is our obligation to advise customers on the importance of restring. It is highly recommended to restring every three to five years for security reason, depending on frequency of wear (although restringing every year may be necessary for pearls strands worn daily). It's time to restring when the strands begins to loosen, and there is slack between the pearls. Knots should be tight on both sides of the pearl. Movement will cause friction and potential damage to the pearls. 



Both silk and nylon cords require restringing. While nylon cord is slightly stronger than natural silk, the weight of the pearls themselves can stretch the knotting. Therefore, to store them, it is recommended not to hang knotted pearls strands by hanging them from a hook, but to lay them flat and occasionally wipe pearls gently with a cloth dipped in a mild, soapy water. Then, rinse the cloth with fresh water and wipe pearls clean. Finally, dry them with a soft cloth. 



Pearl necklaces can get instant style update by adding or changing new clasp or enhancers. At Lireille, we have dozens of clasps and enhancers of available from modern to classic or vintage inspired styles for you to choose from. Check with us. 




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  • Rochelle ( zoya): February 16, 2019

    Grained wisdom on Pearl knotting and how to care for them. Appreciative for that. Thinking of investing in Pearl Jewelry. Do I need to schedule an appointment. Thank you and have a wonder of creativity.

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