The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Ideal Engagement Ring

If there is a jewel whose choice should not be made lightly is the engagement ring. On it depends on the course of the rest of a lifetime since it is with her that the marriage proposal is made. She must make a good impression on the one who will carry her for life by being to her taste, in her image, and unique. This ring must also reflect an eternal love by being a symbol of engagement with the future bride. Today, the choice of models on the trade is vast but there should be only one model for the chosen one of its heart. But how to find this unique engagement ring, for a unique person? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring.


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The story of the engagement ring of the most famous of queens: Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Ii Engagements

Diamonds loaded with history

What We Should Know Before Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring?

What Protocol Should I Follow When Choosing The Engagement Ring?

What kind of engagement ring is right?

Yellow gold, white gold or pink gold for Engagement Ring?

What Precious Stone Ideal For Engagement Ring?

What are the most popular engagement rings?


The story of the engagement ring of the most famous of queens: Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II, the Queen of England probably has a lot of valuable jewelry, but there is one that arouses particular curiosities and which she never separates anyway: her engagement ring which has many more stories than we do not think so. Here is precisely what there is to know about this magnificent royal ring that can be admired in the left ring of his majesty:

Elizabeth Ii Engagement

It is to Philip of Greece and Denmark that the young Elisabeth II becomes engaged when she is only 21 years old. This happened on July 9, 1947 with a wedding scheduled for November 20 of the same year. This union was made out of love and her husband then agreed to give up her royal titles as well as belonging to the Orthodox Church of Greece in order to become Philippe Mountbatten, taken from the British name of her mother.

Diamonds loaded with history

The marriage proposal was made with a solitaire of 3 carats, adorned with five diamonds on each side, inlaid in a platinum ring. At the time, she was not yet queen of England since the beautiful Elisabeth II will not ascend the throne until 1952. The diamonds that adorn the ring with elegance are not ordinary: they all come from another Royal jewel and exceptional having belonged to Princess Alice of Battenberg, the mother of Philippe. This is his beautiful tiara. The mother of King Philip is none other than Queen Victoria's great-granddaughter. She agreed that her son would marry Princess Elisabeth in 1946. With very royal blood, the family is not very rich, and that is why Alice de Battenberg decided to give her unique tiara to her family. He could use the diamonds to compose the engagement ring. It is the London jeweler Philip Antrobus Ltd. who is then the designer recommended by his uncle, Earl Mountbatten. He then dismantles the famous tiara to make an engagement ring that he wishes discreet and sober. He also decides to make a bracelet that he will offer to the future queen as a wedding gift with the rest of the diamonds of the tiara.

A ring too wide

Once the ring is made, it is resplendent and exactly as Philippe had imagined except that it is much too big for the left ring finger of his beautiful. Unfortunately, we did not realize it until the day of the famous marriage proposal when Elizabeth put on her precious ring. Then we decided to re-cut the jewel, which is actually after two days. The future queen was able to proudly wear her ring during the garden party given at Buckingham Palace on July 10, 1947, during which the official announcement of the couple's engagement was made.

The origin of the royal tiara

This engagement ring whose story is unusual comes from a royal tiara which, itself, is a wedding present during the union of Alice of Battenberg with Andrew of Greece and Denmark in October 1903 It is the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his wife Empress Alexandra of Russia who are behind this beautiful wedding gift.


The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, still today, is proud to wear her famous engagement ring to her left directory. This rich history gem even feeds rumours that the queen was spinning the ring around her finger to make her staff understand that she wants to get rid of a guest.

What We Should Know Before Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring symbolizes the promise of an entire life together. Enter and discover everything you need to know to choose the perfect ring.

In antiquity the engagement rings were somewhat different since the men placed iron rings on the finger of their loved ones to promise that they were willing to marry them, who had to keep it until the moment of the marriage to always remember that promise. There are endless traditions around this moment that any couple dreams of sharing. One of these theories explains that it is placed on the ring finger of the left hand because it contains a vein that goes directly to the heart. Besides, decorating it with a diamond expresses the impossibility of breaking this promise, since the diamond is considered an indestructible stone. Many traditions that revolved around weddings and marriages have disappeared over time or have been transformed into totally renewed practices.

However, the act of asking, although each one can change it and personalize it in its own way, continues to have the same meaning and continues to be an unforgettable moment in our lives. In countries like the USA, for example, each It is more common for the bride to give the groom an engagement ring too. In the USA, they used to provide themselves bracelets instead of rings, and it is still a tradition among many families to respond to the man's request by giving him an engagement watch. As we can see, there are almost as many probabilities as there are types of couples, because although the symbol that represents love changes, the promise remains the same.

What Protocol Should I Follow When Choosing The Engagement Ring?

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring?

What protocol should I follow when choosing the ring? When buying an engagement ring you should know that there is a tradition that it should cost between 2 or 3 months of salary the person who wants to propose it.

This was so because it was an effort for the man and could thus demonstrate how much he cared that his girlfriend also wanted to share his life with him. Of course, everything depends on the economy of each house, since what really matters is the gesture and everything you feel and what the delivery of this jewel.

As we have said, traditionally the ring must have a stone and this is usually a diamond to demonstrate the strength and indestructibility of your promise, although according to the budget there are other precious or semi-precious stones between which we can to choose. The stone will also differentiate the engagement ring from the wedding alliances, which are usually smooth. Formerly, there was also a distinction between the engagement ring and the alliances because the first It was silver and the latter were gold. Currently, what usually prevails is the preference of the person who will wear the rings, being able to choose among the material that you like the most.

What kind of engagement ring is right?

There are many types of engagement rings and we will have to choose the perfect one among all of them. All symbolize the same thing so you must choose the one that best suits the style of the person you are going to deliver it to. According to the disposition of the stone, we have, in the first place, the solitary one. The solitary ring is the most traditional, an alliance with a round stone placed in the center. This type of ring is the simplest, but there are also available with original settings to be able to decant if you want a different and more personal ring. The princess cut ring is the second most popular, being this like solitaire but it looks like a square cut stone, which makes it a more modern ring.

Other types of rings that we can find are the media alliance (with stones embedded around the middle of the ring), ring with lane (like the half alliance but adding a solitaire in the center), ring with several diamonds (usually designed with three diamonds, placing the largest one in the center and two smaller ones on each side) and the halo ring (completely surrounded by diamonds embedded throughout the ring and has a diamond in the center usually surrounded by smaller diamonds to give the image of a much larger diamond). As for the way of hooking the stone to the ring, that is to say, the setting, we will be able to choose between if we want it subject by claws (according to the size they are usually 4 or 8) or subject by bevel (a metal border that surrounds the diamond). Finally, there is also the possibility that the stone is suspended by a tension setting, these rings being more modern and innovative design.

For A Modern Woman

No woman is alike but there are genres to classify. For the modern woman, for example, the one who adapts to her time, a model of modern engagement ring that will be in her image is the ideal choice. Classic solitaire is not an option. We must instead look for a model that is more up-to-date, stylish and chic. Models mounted with an emerald or sapphire are very fashionable at the moment but the timeless diamond is still unavoidable. For the modern and discreet woman, the minimalist style is the ideal. This kind of rings at the moment very fashionable but can remain so for a long time because it is also necessary to orient one's choice towards an engagement ring that ages well as long as it is worn for life. It would be a shame to wear a ring that will be totally out of fashion in only a few months.

 For a woman who loves originality

For the woman who likes to stand out and who loves unique pieces, it is essential to wear the choice of engagement ring to models that go in this direction. There are models of geometric rings very fashionable that are totally extravagant, unique and ideal for a future bride who does nothing like the others. One can also opt for the cumulation of fine rings which is both original and trendy. This style is also ideal for those who want to play it mysterious: is it engagement rings or not?

Yellow Gold, White Gold or Pink Gold?

The choice between yellow gold, pink gold or white gold is often a dilemma, but it is enough to know a little more about each one of them to be able to direct its choice. You should know that yellow gold is the most traditional and gives a classic and timeless. In addition, the yellow gold enhances the diamond contrasting with its brilliance. The yellow color of this gold is more suitable for matte and golden skins. On light skin, yellow gold is not really advisable. As for the white gold, it inspires elegance, sobriety and has the advantage of never becoming obsolete. It is a safe bet and it is also to this alloy that most newlyweds turn.

In addition, white gold befits everyone without exception by going well with all styles and colors. Finally, the pink gold is quite original. Few people opt for this alloy. Therefore it is the ideal choice for those who like originality and who like to be unique. By cons, the pink gold is not brilliant and remains quite discreet. Some people choose it for this aspect as others do not like. In short, everything is a matter of taste. In any case, pink gold combines with all skin colors for its freshness and softness.

What Precious Stone Ideal For Engagement Ring? 

Diamond Engagement Ring

The choice of gemstone is also essential. It is obvious that the diamond remains the precious stone par excellence for a ring of engagement and love that is the engagement ring. This is a safe bet especially as its color and purity magnify all skin colors and go with all styles. However, The emerald has more and more the side for engagement rings for its vintage side very fashionable.

A ring of an emerald reminiscent of the old ring that is passed from generation to generation having belonged to the great-great-grandmother. We often associate this green gemstone symbol of hope with yellow gold or white gold for a perfect rendering. We can also choose the sapphire for the princess side he releases mounted on a beautiful ring. In addition, this stone would capture the good waves. It also symbolizes wisdom and fidelity. The ruby is a symbol of well-being and finally, the amethyst represents the sincerity but these are very little used on the engagement rings.

What Are The Most Popular Engagement Rings?


The engagement ring is surely the most valuable jewel that a woman can wear during her lifetime. It is especially the symbol that this represents that makes this ring exceptional, but for some, the size of its diamond also counts. It is on the side of the stars that the race to the biggest diamond on the engagement ring is mostly practised. The trend started in the 50s and 60s; still today, it persists. The diamond engagement rings of celebrities then become as famous as they are. Here are precisely the top 10 models with the most marked minds.

 Marilyn Monroe's Engagement Ring

Like the star, her engagement ring has been remembered. This is a beautiful model adorned with a diamond that the famous Baseball player Joe DiMaggio offered him to ask for his hand. Despite the beauty of the ring, their union was unfortunately not up to par, and the marriage between the actress and the athlete then lasted only seven short months.

 Jennifer Aniston's Engagement Ring

The ring valued at not less than a million dollars, it is the finger of the beautiful Jennifer Aniston she is currently. It's the actor Justin Theroux, whom she married in 2015, who passed it to him. The love the actor has for his dear and tender is such that he decided to symbolize that by offering her one of the beautiful and modern engagement rings.

 The Engagement Ring of Mia Farrow

It was in the sixties, more precisely during the summer of 1966 that the beautiful Mia Farrow married the seducer Franck Sinatra. The latter was so in love with his dear and tender that he asked her hand with a beautiful engagement ring of 9 carats with a beautiful and large diamond encrusted to symbolize his commitment. Unfortunately, like a lot of celebrity weddings, this one only lasted two short years.

The Victoria Beckham Engagement Ring 

The engagement ring that David Beckham put on Victoria's finger, the former Spice Girl is quite special. Indeed, the footballer requested the most traditional in 1998 by offering him a ring set with a small diamond. However, the beautiful Victoria Beckham allowed herself to replace the small diamond by a bigger one in 2002, which totally changed the look of the engagement ring. It did not stop there since, in the following years, the ring has been modified almost 13 times. A square emerald later replaced even the diamond. Like what it is quite possible to change her engagement ring on condition that she agrees with her husband. In any case, the Beckham couple is one of the few couples of stars to have lasted so long over the years. Who knows.

 Jacqueline Kennedy's Engagement Ring

Jacqueline Kennedy received a very nice ring from John F. Kennedy during his marriage proposal. Even though this marriage had a sad end to the assassination of the President of the United States of America, that does not detract from the fact that this engagement ring is of unmatched splendor. 

 Angelina Jolie's Engagement Ring

Here is a couple of show business that has still lasted a long time but which unfortunately ended anyway this year. 1These are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Their story, however, began with a beautiful ring that Brad Pitt specially designed for his beautiful; the creation lasted a whole year. The value of the jewel was such that the star did not want to wear the finger after the wedding for fear of losing the precious engagement ring, which is a shame.

Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring 

In 1956, Prince Rainier of Monaco made his marriage proposal to actress Grace Kelly with a beautiful ring adorned with a not-so-impressive diamond. This did not detract from the beauty of the jewel. However, once the ruler realized that in Hollywood the custom is to offer much larger diamond rings, he had the gemstone of the engagement ring replaced from Grace Kelly by a larger one with a value of 10.5 carats.

 Liz Hurley's Engagement Ring

It's in 2011 that the story is happening. Australian cricketer Shane Warne offers a beautiful engagement ring with a blue sapphire of 9 carats to his beautiful. However, there has never been a marriage since their relationship ended before they had time to get married in 2013. This does not detract from the beauty of the engagement ring that has undoubtedly been made since the time.

Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring 

Elizabeth Taylor, you have to know, has married eight times. The engagement rings it knows necessarily but one, in particular, has remained in the memories. This is the one that Richard Burton offered him. The jewel is adorned with a magnificent, vast and glorious Krupp diamond so-called the "Elizabeth Taylor Diamond" ring.

 The Engagement Ring of Kate Middleton And Diana Spencer

This is probably the most famous engagement ring of all time: that offered by Prince Charles to his wife, Diana Spencer. The Princess of Wales has inherited a beautiful jewel that is now on Kate Middleton's finger. Indeed, following the tragic accident of Diana Spencer, it was Prince William who inherited the jewel and offered it to his half as a pledge of his commitment.


Celebrities like vintage engagement rings that are in excess. It's their way of being seen but also to make a mark. We can also be inspired but remains to know if it is possible to afford such rings at a lower price.

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