Cynthia Correia

Color In Motion, Dimensional Paintings by Cynthia Correia

Reception: Friday, Sept 27, 2019 6-8pm

Exhibition Date: Sept 17 - Nov 30, 2019

Color in Motion

Color has always moved me. The interaction, the visual stimulation and the feelings aroused by color combinations creates a reaction within us all.

Trained as a graphic Artist with a background in furniture and building the use of wood as a canvas allows me to add dimensional layers to my work. Notching and cutouts highlights the  depth and gives my work a playful spirit.

I hope you walk away from this exhibition being moved by color.


Cynthia Correia


About the Artist

Cynthia Correia graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Art in1974. She is an accomplished artist and designer. Her dimensional paintings reflect her graphic design background and her love of color. Her desire, is to move the viewer both visually and emotionally. Her dimensional paintings give depth and texture to her work as well as a playful sense. At times her work is additive and at other times she invokes subtractive measures to draw you in.She has always loved form and function and has expressed her designs by making furniture and lighting.

After college she intended to become an art teacher but her path was diverted by an interest in home design and building. Cynthia was a Design / Build General Contractor working in the bay area for 16 years. As a means of better expressing her design interest, she became a developer and a partner with 20/20 Builders re-designing homes in the East Bay and winning a design award from the AIA in 2006 and were featured in the S.F Chronicle Magazine.

Cynthia did become a teacher but it was carpentry that she taught with a design / build emphasis.She served as the Carpentry Department Chair and as a professor at Laney College in Oakland, CA for 30 years. Cynthia was instrumental in bringing digital fabrication and a Fablab to Laney College to stimulate creativity with students and with an emphasis on tactile,visual and design elements for creating and making. Innovation and new technology have always been at the forefront for her. Laney College students came in second place in a state-wide Net Zero Tiny House Competition held by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in 2016.

Cynthia was influenced and inspired early on by Frank Stella and Josef Albers without really understanding the impact that color would have on the rest of her life. Nature has been the purist most vibrant color palette for her to choose from. While her paintings are linear she is able to move you outside the lines and invoke your emotions.



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