girl. The Dancefloor Neckpieces by Brooke Battles




The Dancefloor Neckpieces by Brooke Battles

Exhibition start Date: July 16 - September 9, 2019
Artist Reception: Saturday 6- 8 pm, July 20, 2019


                See her fabulous new jewelry work in person at Lireille gallery or check them out online after artist reception. 

Artist Statement:

There’s nothing like a dancefloor, full of heat and steam, thumping with the energy of a bass beat.  Darkness is cut by club lights; smoke blurs the edges; the gyration of the crowd is tribal and fluid.  But lean in more closely and you’ll hear the quiet inside the pounding rhythm, and see the singularity of the dancer as well as the community of the floor.  You’ll see the connection and the disconnection.  The action and the reaction.  The protection and the danger.  Stories and secrets.  The sweet and the salty.  Then there’s the afterglow, the aftermath, the consequences, the price to pay.  There’s reverence, memories, anticipation, yearning.  And always in the middle is a girl. . .



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