Ravit Kaplan

Ravit Kaplan designs jewelry in her San Francisco studio. Each piece is entirely hand-crafted, reflecting her aesthetic vision. Ravit's jewelry is modern, clean and timeless. From a young age, Ravit loved to draw, build things, and play with different materials. She has designed clothes, theater costumes, sets and buildings. Ravit loves exploring the shapes of objects to reveal their beauty, and is fascinated by geometric forms and symmetries.

After working for several years in corporate architectural firms, Ravit found jewelry design to be the perfect outlet for her creative spirit. Kaplan's designs are sold in retail stores in the bay area and online all over the world. "Jewelry is the place where objects interact with our body to create beauty. In my jewelry designs, I look at how forms interact with us and extend our sense of self. My aesthetic vision emphasizes clean and pure shapes that reflect the beauty and integrity of the natural materials. At the same time, I always try to break boundaries and discover new forms and shapes to create playful designs. I know how important jewels are for my customers, and their happiness is my ultimate goal."


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